Notice to Competitors 01 dated July 31, 2017


The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) require sail numbers on boats to be "clearly legible". See Rule G1.2(a). It has come to the attention of the race committee that some new dark grey and black fabric sails have been provided with numbers that do not meet this rule. Some examples are shown here.

In addition, the Executive Secretary of the class, Tim Russell, has published a guidance statement after the last European Championship, which can be found here.

It should be noted that RRS G1.3(d) requires numbers to be placed on the front side of the spinnaker. It is common to place numbers on both sides, however, to avoid difficulties if the sail is hoisted beckwards. This practice is recommended.

Please note that the race committee intends to lodge a protest against boats which display sail numbers that do not comply with RRS G1.2(a) or G1.3(d).

JRCulter signature

John Culter IRO CAN
Race Officer